Double Lounge Hammock

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This is the luxury double lounge hammock for your pets kings!

Hammock is an essential part of any cage, it give your pet a place to chill out, his own little safe spot. This unique hammock offers not one, but two places for your pets to hide and sleep in! The interior chamber is lined with thick and soft plush, your little pets will love to take a sweet nap in it. Above the tunnel is a flat area that can also serves as a high watching spot or as another sleeping bed!

This hammock is spacious enough for rats, chinchillas and several hamsters and gerbils. If you have multiple pets, then they will love to share this bunk-bed, or rather, bunk-hammock! 

Simply attach the hammock to the side of your cage. It has 2 solid wooden sticks that you screw to bars. Due to it design, you can easly wash it, you just have to take out the wood sticks and put it in the washing machine! 

Size :

M: 19cmx13cm | 7.5"x5.1"

L: 23cmx19cm | 9"x7.5"


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