Fleece Nest for Small Pet

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A warm hide for a harsh winter!

Hideout encourages yout pet natural nesting instinctsWith this hiding spot, your fur friend will never want to come out again! Its the ideal hiding spot for small pets, let them sleep and play in this cute little house. Made from fleece it will be a great winter hideout for your little friend, perfect size for dwarf hamster and little mouse and gerbil.

Put it in your cage and let him relax! You can give your pet some bedding, like hay or shredded paper towel and watch him arrange his nest in his own little heaven!

The material is incredibly soft to the touch and it will add a really nice touch to your cage scenery. The interior is cozy and made of soft plush, it will filled your furry friend with sweet dreams.


Size : 7cmx10cmx7cm | 2.7"x4"x2.7"


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