Fun Hammock For Pets

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Your pet will go bananas for this hammock!

Hammock is an essential part of any cage, it gives your pet a place to chill out, his own little safe spot. Every little animals love to hide and rest in comfortable areas. Satisfy both of these natural instinct with this cute and comfy banana hammock, it is ideal for your small pet!

Like every human pet parents, we love having cute things for our little ball of fur so we can take hundreds of photos and show it to everyone. Well, this cute banana shaped hammock is made just for us!

You can set up your hammock so it takes a little work for your pet to climb into it or just put it in easy access for a quick and easy nap! 

Just hang it in your cage and let your little friend hide, sleep and play in the banana. It's large enough for two or three mices, gerbils or a cute rat

Size :  20cmx6cm | 7.87"x2.3"


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