Small Pet Tree | Cat Tree for Ferret and Rats

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Who said cat trees are only for cats? Your ferrets and rats will also love climbing and playing on this beautiful high tower!

This small pet tree is small and compact with a beautiful soft and cozy perched hideout! To get to his luxury cabin, your little friend will have to take the sisal scratching ramp, his will do some exercise and it will keep his claws trimmed. Let him enjoy endless hours of fun during his daily exploring time!

This post is sturdy, it will withstand time and all your little friend urges and mischief. If your little pet is up for a bit of a challenge, he can try to go up on top of the higher platforms where he can quietly observe his kingdom. The baseplate is a square of 30cm, and the tree is 57cm tall. The post is wrapped with natural sisal rope that you can easily replace when worn out.

The material is incredibly soft to the touch and it will blend in to your room. Put in in your small pet playing area and let him climb and play in this wonderful tree. He will observe his surrounding from his platform and take a nap once he is tired.

Size: 30cmx30cmx57cm | 11.8"x11.8"x22.4"


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