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This snuffle playground will keep your pet entertained!

Our small pets have an incredible sense of smell, rats can even be trained to detect buried landmine, just like dogs! Rodent's sense is so highly developed that 1% of their entire DNA is dedicated to olfactory receptors. It's incredible!

Because our fuzzy pets are quite intelligent, they get bored easily. You need to give them lots of playtime and challenges. This sniffing mat is exactly what you need to distract them. They will have endless fun digging through it to find their food or their special little treat that they like so much. This snuffle pad is even more fun with it tunnels and hiding spots everywhere, let's make playtime extra entertaining!

It's really easy to use, just throw some treat or food on it, make sure that it's hidden under the fleece and unleash the beasts! They will happily go searching in this snuffle mat and hide or sleep in the tunnels!

 Size: 45cmx75cm | 17.7"x29.5"


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