Summer Cooling Mat For Pet

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Summer is coming! 

Summer is a tricky season for keeping your furry friend safe and comfortable, small pet can't regulate their body temperature as well as we can and during hot days they are subject to heatstroke. 

Make sure your rats, ferrets or chinchilla stays cool and protected during the long, hot summer days. This cooling pad provide long-lasting cooling thanks to its internal gel packs. This cold mat is pressure-activated, you can keep your pets cool and comfortable without the need to put the mat in the frezzer. The gel absorb your pet body heat and cool him down.

Simply put the bed in a small area of your room when it's play time outside their cage. It's important that he can go away from the cold if he wants, so don't force him to stay on the mat. You can also put this cooling mattress in his cage but always make sure your pet don't chew through the material!



S: 20cmx30cm | 7.8"x11.8"

M: 30cmx40cm | 11.8"x15.7"

L: 40cmx50cm | 15.7"19.7"


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