Summer Fresh Pad For Pet

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Brace yourself, summer is coming! 

Summer is a tricky season for keeping your furry friend safe and comfortable, small pet can't regulate their body temperature as well as we can and during hot days they are subject to heatstroke. 

Make sure your pets stays cool and protected during the long, hot summer days. This fresh pad provide long-lasting cooling thanks to the light breathable fabric. This refreshing mat is absorb your pet body heat and cool him down.

These come in various sizes, and due to the large surface area, they are perfect during play time! You can put toys on them, so your furry friend can play and be kept cool!


S: 50cmx40cm | 19.7"x15.7"

M: 60cmx50cm | 23.6"x19.7"

L: 70cmx55cm | 27.5"x21.65"

XL: 100cmx70cm | 39.4"x27.5"


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