The Fur Pyramid | Warm House for Small Pet

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Your pet may be little, but he still deserves to be treated like a majest

With this unique design, this triangular house is ideal for your small room. When it’s playtime simply unfold this hideout and it will provide endless fun for your pet to explore, scratch or just take a nap. With it sisal scratching surface on the side, your pals' claws will be kept short and healthy. When playtime is over, you just have to simply fold it back and put it away!

The Fur Pyramid is made with high-quality materials that are environmentally friendly and safe for your pet. It’s entirely covered in soft and smooth fur that will completely ravish your pawed friend. The pyramid side has been finished with a scratchy sisal carpet, which they will absolutely love to climb on and play.

The interior of the house is spacious enough for all your little friends, they will adore playing together and taking a big nap in it afterward! Give them some hay and plain white paper towel for them to shred, then watch them actively prepare their bedding. This cabin is 32cm tall and 48cm wide and the entrance is 14cm large, perfect for pets of all size!

Size: 32cmx48cm